Sunday, 6 November 2011

Plays of the week(Nov 1-Nov6)

Plays of the week!

  • We finally got back to Wee Bears after missing it for 4 weeks! It was good to see all the moms and babies
  • She is having 4 three ounce bottles during the day(every 4 hours) and one eight ounce bottle on continuous feeds overnight at 35-40 mls an hour.
  • She hasn't been getting sick but we still see the reflux.
  • She loves getting her head rubbed!
  • Addison slept through the night a couple times but has been waking up for an hour at night sometimes happy sometimes not!
  • Our latest mystery is why she is peeing through her diapers randomly throughout the day. 
  • The wee see video is still her favourite on you tube
  • We went to Nanny and Poppy's in Debert on Saturday Addison decided she has been good in the car for too long and brought us back to the many months of screaming it was HORRIBLE
  • Addison got 3 teeth- Two on the top and one on the bottom!!!
  • On Sunday Addison was a perfect little girl! She smiled and talked to us! We put the Christmas lights up outside and she watched Daddy work
Cool Boots!

"Really Mom, thats enough pictures"

Out for a walk with Momma! I love days off

Nanny's Girl

"Both Grandchildren of the house"

Sunday morning cuddles with Grandpa and Nana Bayers

Daddy putting up the Christmas lights
The audience

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