Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Plays of the week(November 3rd-November 13th)

Plays of the week(Nov 3-Nov 13th)
We did catch a few happy moments! This was on Sunday that Debbie and I decided to wrap Chrsitmas presents!!!

-Landyn is 12 weeks old and just a few days short of three months!! He now has giggled a few times which was super cute. He is also into size 2 diapers and on last weight check he weighed 11 pounds 8 oz.
- Landyn is now starting to nap in his own room in his crib. We plan to have him sleeping in there full time by Christmas!
-Landyn still loves his swing and vibrarting chair. He is now grabbing and holding onto the toys.
- Landyn is doing longer stretches at night. Most nights he is having his last bottle by 9 and staying asleep until around 3 am! Some nights may be a bit better some a bit worse.
-We have welcomed two new babies into our playgroup. Ava got a little sister Quinn and Joseph got a little sister Audrey. Landyn now has so many girlfriends!
- Life hasn't been very relaxed around here lately as Addison hasn't been able to catch a break. She first had an upset stomach from the new diet, we seemed to get that under control but realized that milk was bugging her tummy, switched to soy milk, then she got a cold. We have been battling the cold for six days now. The first couple days she was very quiet and not happy at all. Now we are on day two of irritable and crying. We are not getting rid of the soy milk and trying rice milk to see if that helps. I must say I look forward to life getting back to normal. Although our normal is out of the ordinary for most I do miss it.  I miss being able to get stuff done while both kiddies are entertained in different wasy. I miss seeing Addison smile and listening to her talk(this has happened a few times in the last 2.5 weeks). I miss not hearing crying pretty much at all times during the day. Thank goodness I have my grandmother who comes up when I need her like on days that Addi doesn't stop crying.
Addison was supposed to go to Wee Care today but I had to cancel because she was so miserable. Nothing like throwing money down the drain. Hopefully she will get to go Thursday!

Christmas is only 6 weeks from today:) I can`t wait to start decorating our new home!
I have been working away at Christmas shopping and still have lots to do. One Saturday night a week ago I go to go to the craft fair at the forum with Debbie and Holly. We had a blast! Spent lots of money and spoiled the kiddies but isn`t that what it is about!!

Anyway just wanted to give a quick update and show everyone some more pictures!

Addi and Audrey



Saturday, 3 November 2012

How does Addison Play?

Throughout the day we have a lot of different ways Addison plays!
I thought it would be neat to take a picture of all the different set ups she spends time in!
We have new toys ordered for Christmas and can't wait for her to have new things to stimulate her!

In her stander! We are always looking for new things to hang

In her wheel chair with her light box with different things that hang off it. Christmas stuff at the dollar store works great.

In her favourite green chair or in our bed with the Ipad

On the floor in her playarea

On her tummy with her wedge

With her tray on her wheel chair and varoius bright toys

Tummy time with little bro

Using a spot light