Tuesday, 24 July 2012

July 6th-July 24th Plays of the weeks!

I would like to be able to tell you that the past few weeks have been a great start to summer vacation filled with relaxation, sunshine and fun! Instead they were filled with moving (that ones a happy one) and a sick little girl. Addison is still sick. Since June 29th, which was my last day of work we have been to emergency 3 times and to the doctors 3 times. In the end she had something called the ADENO virus. This can be characterized by a variety of symptoms(Addi had fever, vomiting, cough, and runny nose). You get sick, think you are getting better and then it gets worse then it was. Tyler actually had this also. I somehow managed to stay clear of it all for the first few weeks but now I do have a cold and a sore throat but I am hoping it stays with just that. Addison is now on two puffers, had an antibiotic that did nothing and today has started a steroid for five days which is supposed to help with the coughing. The doctor thinks that due to the virus and coughing she has mild asthma and laryngitis.
It is really a sin for Addison she has puked more in the last 26 days then most of us do in a life time. It is such a sin because when we have a sore throat or a cough we get a drink to soothe it etc. She can`t do that, she can`t even tell us what to do to help her. We have had puke everywhere..in the car, mall, bed, bath, you name it and it was done! To date she has lost 8 ounces which isn`t too bad considering. When we went to emergency on the weekend they were impressed with how well we managed to keep her hydrated considering. It helps that we have the pump to work with(which took a lot for me to accept the fact that if I used it it could make her better).
Trip to emergency 

Our latest emergency trip. We spent the day there giving her 10 mls of pedialyte every 10 minutes. 

Besides vomit....

We are all moved in our new house and Addison loves her new bunk beds! I am very happy that she now has all her naps in her bed during the day. I just have to put her in there when she is tired and she will go to sleep. Sometimes she just lays there but I figure she needs the quiet time because before I put her in she is fussing. Night times are not ideal yet but even at bed time she will go in her bed and fall asleep on her own. The problem is that child doesn`t get tired very often..two nights this week we were awake from 11:30-4:30 straight. It was painful especially two nights in a row but hopefully if she gets better soon we can get some more sleep. Once the baby comes we are not sure if we will ever get to sleep again:)
First night in a big girl bed!

Rona thinks it is his bed

Addi and her best bud Rona

Tank loves to sleep in her bed during the day or look out the window. Why did I buy something with white in it

Addison makes noises all the time. When she is feeling good and not in a bad mood she is constantly what we call talking to us. She is the most ``chatty` in the evening!

We decided to get Addison a pool! She is so comfortable in the water and it is very good for her muscles. She isn`t easy to bring to the beach or to a public pool and the pool will give her a way to enjoy the summer. We had to add well water to it and that made the water turn brown so right now we are working on getting it back to clear so it looks like you actually want to get in it! Since we have all been sick we wouldn`t have been able to get in anyway! I am really hoping that this weekend we can all feel well enough and the pool will be ready!

We have got to go to two play dates but they have been kind of put on hold right now to get all the kids back to their healthy state so we don`t spread too many germs!

Addi and I did make it to the beach one day when she was feeling much better and to the movies with Auntie and Charlotte!

Happy girl at Nanny`s

Auntie and Addi

Addi at the beach sound asleep in her tent

Addi and Ava at Martinique

She is just too cute!

Addi and her simple dog

Sounds asleep at Nana and Grandpa`s 

Play date at Joseph`s

Movie Theatre trip and both girls actually slept

Great Grandma and her girls

She looks so grown up

Setting up the pool

In her stander!

In our backyard

In her new stroller! We have a second seat to add to it for when her baby brother comes!

There are a lot of combinations of how to put the seats and she loves facing me.

Tummy time

Outside in her stander!

The tabs we have collected for Addi! 

Nanny Donna and her girls

Charlotte is too cute

Daddy and Addi going for a drive on the corn popper!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Welcome to our new home!!!

Well after much hard work on mostly Tyler's behalf our house was ready to move into on July 13th (Friday the 13th at that)

It didn't look good at first for us to move in that day because we were waiting on an inspection and passed water test but in the end we got the call at noon to say the water was good, and the inspector was there by 1:00. The keys were ours by 1:30!!!

We already had the trailer in the process of getting loaded and had a crew of people to help! We were very thankful to have the help we did because by 10:00 that night we pretty much had everything done and no boxes lying around the house!

We did spend the rest of the weekend organizing stuff and Tyler built shelves in the garage!


All ready for us!!

Our garage! I love being able to drive right in!

Entry way!

Open concept! Living room

Dining and Kitchen

We are so impressed with the kitchen!


My pride and joy-Walk in Closet!


Kids bathroom

Laundry room

Baby to be!

Addi's room

Back yard

Back yard!