Thursday, 5 July 2012

June 6th-July 5th

I see a pattern emerging! Once a month and I sit down and do a super long blog post and do my best to remember what happened over the last month.
June and July are busy months in our household with lots going on from finishing work, finishing the house, moving, getting more and more pregnant and then the everyday stuff!!!


  • Addison got glasses and sunglasses! She couldn't be any cuter. We don't know if the glasses help her or not but she isn't bothered by them and seems very happy with them on!

  • Apsea came and they said she is making small improvements which is nice! They said she will shift gaze horizontally and will make eye contact up to 40 cm and visually track me to 1.5 meters. She loves red, black and yellow(sometimes). She still loves to watch Baby Einstein videos especially the I love my Shapes one! We have started showing her two books, toys, or pjs and choosing whatever one she gazes at. 
  • We welcomed a new baby cousin on June 12th. Charlotte was born weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces and is cute as a button! Of course that day couldn't go down as all good. I had to leave work and rush home because of seizures. We ended up being in an ambulance when she was born but in the end all went well with Addison and Charlotte! The seizure stopped on Robie Street without major medications which is a first. No medications are a major bonus because then we have no withdraw. 
My niece Charlotte 

Addi and her cousin!

  • We stopped the ketogenic diet that day because it obviously wasn't working. We are now feeding her pediasure with fibre (22 oz a day). She is tolerating it well and since coming off on June 12th has gained 2 she may need to be cut back!
  • We had a very very cranky week in the last month. She basically just cried all the time and we didn't know what was wrong. It eventually passed and once she was off the diet she became a very happy little girl. She smiles and laughs all the time especially at night time. 
  • She is off the pump at night. She gets four feedings a day at meal times and one before bed. 
  • We still are doing physio everyday including sitting, tummy time, stretches and stander time! 
  • Addison and both have a cold that they can't seem to get over. Addison had a bad fever on the 29th which caused more seizures so we had to take her into emergency. She didn't end up having any infections which was good. She was very miserable for most of the weekend except for Sunday(we went to the Nuttby cottage for the day)! She cried a lot on Monday and has been getting better since. 
  • I have been working on getting her to be less spoiled and dependant on me. I know once the new baby comes I will have my work cut out so I am trying to fix a few things we spoiled her with! Addison's favourite thing in the whole world to do is cuddle at any time any place! I am working on getting her to spend more time along on the floor or in her chair etc. Also, we are working on her falling asleep allllll the time on her own in her crib! We have had lots of tears over this but I am seeing progress!!!
  • Playdates have started again and are going to grow a lot over the next few months as there are a lot of pregnant moms!
  • We put her up to 4mls of prevacid today to see if that will help with her reflux! 
  • She loves music and loud noises still (she always smiles when Charlotte cries)

Halloran Update!

  • I am 31 weeks pregnant and measuring 36 weeks! SO very big which makes things complicated like holding Addison, carrying Addison and sitting with her on the floor to do physio etc. I feel good and we are getting very excited! 
  • The house is seeing major progress we move in next Friday! Flooring is being done this week and kitchen beginning of next!
  • I am all done work for the summer and then for the year on Mat leave! It is an amazing feeling!
Thanks for reading and hopefully I wont be so slack on updating next time!

Addi and Jared

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