Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day Two of CME therapy

Yesterday we woke up to a yucky rainy day in Toronto. Addison woke up in the middle of the night and we put her in bed with us and surprisingly she slept in until 8 am which was a great treat for us. Still only gave her 8 or 9 hours of sleep. Our second day CME session did not go as quietly as the first. Addison screamed for pretty much the whole first session. It was sad to watch her like that but at the same time it is just so awesome to see how it makes her work. Simone does each exercise five times and it was amazing how by the fifth time Addison was doing better with it or doing it quicker then she was the first time. 
She eventually stands in this exercise

Tyler uses his hands to help her get up because of her weak trunk

He lets go and she has been getting better at how long she lasts standing there

The second session was better. Simone started with exercises she felt Addison would like which helped and she only ended up crying for 25 minutes. She is working on exercises that involve Addison's trunk, sitting and standing.

After Addison worked so hard in the sessions we were happy to be able to take her in the pool. She loved it she kicked her legs and floated all around. If only we could have a pool closer when we are home I feel she would benefit so much from it.

As some of you know I am part of a group on Facebook called Hope for HIE. This is the group where I found out about CME therapy and a lot of the other things we do with Addi. There are lots of days that I don't know how I would make it without the people in that group even though I have never met them. Last night we were so lucky to be invited to go visit Fiona from the group and her family. They live in Toronto and also do CME. We went there(in major 401 traffic with a screaming child) but it was all worth it. They are amazing people. They have a little boy who is almost 8 months old and is cute as a button and has similarities to Addison. We spent the evening getting to know one another, eating some wonderful food and ending with a photo shoot!! It was so nice to talk to people who know what we are going through. We look forward to seeing them again when we come back and hope one day they will come to Nova Scotia to visit us!!!
Fiona, Addi, Zach and myself

Addi was loving cuddling with Fiona she was giving her all kinds of smiles
He does the lip like Addison
New Friends!!

We didn't get back to the hotel until late so sorry for not doing the blog post last night!!!!!! 

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