Sunday, 27 November 2011

Addison's First trip to Ontario (Friday-Sunday)

First ones to board the plane! 

Watching her favourite video on the IPAD

Addison has been an angel for the most part on our trip so far! We flew out of Halifax mid morning on Friday and Addison was in an excellent mood. She spent the plane trip smiling at us and just taking in all the sounds of an airplane. She didn't so much as even make a peep. We even fed her, changed her and she had a 30 minute nap. We were more then happy. 

Once we got off the airplane we had to get our 6 pieces of checked luggage, on top of our two carry on bags, wheel chair, diaper bag and cooler of meds and formula. This brought us to the realization the 4 door compact car we reserved wasn't going to work!! We ended up renting a mini-van. Tyler has never been a fan of vans but he is enjoying driving this one. It is fully loaded and has a built in GPS which makes life so easy when travelling. He realizes that one day we may need a minivan and this has help him get over his attitude towards vans.

We spent Friday and Saturday night at friends of ours Matt and Jody who live in Brantford. It was a great weekend full of babies playing, crib games, yummy food and a Santa Clause Parade. Danielle is their 2 year old daughter who we enjoyed seeing again. Addison was laughing out loud at the parade when the loud sirens went or the big trucks honked their horns. She lasted the entire time and got to see Santa at the end! 

Danielle liked to help!

Addison was like a doll for her

All ready for the parade to arrive

Sunday morning we got up and left to go visit with Uncle Kenny, Jenn, Cole and Matthew. We got to spend a few hours at their house we wish we could have stayed longer. Matthew made lunch for us while we were there which was delicious. Addison got lots of cuddles from her Auntie! I happened to fall in love with their dog Angus I wanted to bring him home to Tank!

He smiled for the camera


Jenn and Matthew

Cole and Addi

After a great visit with family we headed off to Toronto to get ready for our big week. We stopped at the grocery store to get some munchies for the hotel(not that I need munchies, this trip is not good for the waist line). Of course our child who has done amazing travelling so far decides that when we hit the 401 highway that she would go hysterical and cry like there was no tomorrow. After much frustration we made it to the hotel safe and sound and when we pulled in the parking lot she smiled.
The hotel we are staying at is not for luxery it was just a place to stay that didn't break the bank. It is called the Maryam and seems not to bad. They just laid new flooring in the main room but unfortunately they didn't do a great job cleaning up all the dust. I spent the first 30 minutes completely wiping everything down with cleaner(which I bought on the way just in case)

Entry way with Addi hanging out


We went for a drive to find the Blue Balloon Clinic where Medek therapy begins tomorrow. It took 5 minutes with no traffic today. We will see what tomorrow brings for traffic. Our therapy is at 10 and 3 daily!!!

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  1. Awesome blog.. and can I just say, I love the fact you thought to bring your own cleaner... smart girl!!!