Monday, 28 November 2011

First hiccup of the trip- Hotel switch after one night

Well we had quite the morning! 

Last night as you can imagine was very overwhelming. We drove to Toronto with Addison screaming at the end of the drive, checked into a hotel room which seemed sketchy but we tried to remain optimistic. I cleaned the bathroom, the coach, table and got fresh towels. I un packed all of our stuff to try to make it feel like home. Tyler was not happy with it and said he felt like we were in a dungeon. After we got settled we went for a drive to scope out our home away from home for the week. It was in a decent area not much around for food but I mean in Toronto you are never far from anything. As the evening went on it just wasn't growing on us. 

When we got up this morning we felt plainly gross and dirty. I mean you couldn't even open the closet door because the door knob was broken. Although we aren't here on a luxury vacation we do need to feel like we have somewhere to go and relax after our days which have the potential to be rather stressful. I went to grab a bowl to have cereal for breakfast and it was full of dust. That was it we don't live like this at home we are not living like this here.

After my shower I went out to the front desk to ask what they would do to compensate us. The woman was very rude and said she could not do anything. I asked her for the manager and she said she was.  I told her we felt we should be reimbursed for last night and then we would stay for the week if housekeeping came and cleaned our room. She wouldn't have any of it, I then told her we wanted to leave today and wanted our money back now for the rest of the week. She said no to that as well. Then for some reason I told her we were going to Blue Balloon clinic and I would be telling them not to recommend their hotel anymore....well it was like I flipped a switch. Suddenly she wasn't the manager she had to call and see what they could do. She called down to the room a few minutes later offering to pay us back for last night and give us free breakfast for a week. At this point we realized we didn't want to be somewhere where we were treated so poorly. As Tyler put it, if he would have went out to complain we would have got nothing because he would have walked away. I had to be a bitch and put my foot down to get us what we deserve. So we got our money back for the rest of the week and we are gone from there. It turns out I should never have went with the easy way and just go where recommended for cost efficiency. We are staying at a Holiday Inn in York Dale for only 40.00 more a night. We have a deck and windows and we have a view of the LARGE York Dale Mall which we can walk too. We have a swimming pool in the hotel and lots of different places to eat. No this trip isn't a "vacation" for us but we are going to make the best of it and now we feel like that is possible. Nanny and Poppy Halloran are sending us Addison's special swim ring so we can take her to the pool which will help relax her muscles which will be working so hard in therapy.  

We feel a strange sense of sense of relief and can now relax!  

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