Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nov 15th - Nov 21st

Plays of the week!
  • Addison stayed at home with Nanny 3 days while Mommy worked
  • Mommy had a very busy week getting ready for the auction and Daddy spent every night working on the stairs in the house and they are not quite finished but look amazing so far! Pictures to come next week!
  • Addison got her squiggles wheel chair on Thursday! 
  • It was a day that you would think would be hard to accept but Tyler and I were very excited about it and are glad that Addison now has the piece of equipment to make her more comfortable in lots of circumstances. The chair is pink and very technical but we are getting used to it. It is neat because it serves as a stroller for when we are out, a high chair and a playing chair. It can be different heights and angled different ways. We love it and Addison does too! I love to put her in it when I am cooking supper and push her up to the table with her I Pad on her reading board so she has something to watch. I even put her in it with her tray on and take her in the bathroom when I shower so she can keep toys in her hands.
Testing out the new chair

Tired from a long afternoon at the hospital but we had to test it out!
Reclined a bit!

All ready to go to the pub
Cute as ever
  • Addison's Auction was Saturday and was a huge success! Never in our life did we imagine the auction for Addison would be as successful as it was. Our friends are family held an auction for Addison at the Porters Lake Pub. We had a letter done up explaining that we want to take Addison to Toronto for Medek Therapy which is expensive especially because we have to travel. They started in September collecting items to be auctioned off and our final count was 205 items! We had numerous cash donations, they did a 50 50 draw, sold tickets on a wine basket, and sold tickets at the door. With the support of our amazing group of friends, our family and our community behind us they raised a great deal o f money for our family. A huge amount of stress has been lifted off our backs this will pay for our trip to Ontario, the portion of Addison's wheel chair that isn't covered by Blue Cross, her bath seat, and all of the other special things that are needed when you have a child with Special Needs! It has been a year of many ups and downs and with that Tyler has missed a lot of time from work and therefore this is such a relief. Thanks again everyone!

  • We had our family photo's done on Sunday by Janice Bray and they turned out awesome! Our child that doesn't sleep fell asleep dead in the middle of having our pictures done but it was good because we got cute shots of her.
  • Addison  isn't sleeping very well. We might get a good night once a week if we are lucky. She is averaging 9 hours in 24 hours but it is broken which worries us because brain development occurs when sleeping. 
  • Addison had physio Monday. Our only new stretch is kneeling high and low. Addison hates it but we will work on it to try to make progress!                                                                                                

  • We leave for Ontario of Friday! We will be updating the blog every night starting Sunday!

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  1. Wow! What a turnout from the auction! Very happy for you guys. And Addi looks so sweet in her new pink wheelchair - wishing you safe travels and hope you have a good trip!
    -Megan P