Monday, 14 November 2011

Plays of the week (Nov 7th-Nov 14th)

  • Addison laughed and Mommy and Daddy were on cloud nine!
  • Addison still isn't sleeping the best and is getting up for at least an hour a night. She is averaging 9 hours of sleep in every 24 hour period. That includes her naps!
  • Apsea(Vision therapy because Addison has a visual impairment) and Speech had a conjoined home visit on Thursday. I always find these visits very overwhelming and often un-realistic. In the end, I have now developed up a daily schedule for therapy. She gets oral stimulation three times a day, vision therapy four times a day, physio stretches, time in little room, free play, tummy time and sitting practice all in the run of a regular day! She keeps us on our toes that is for sure. It sounds a lot worse then it is. Basically most people who have a one year old let the child direct the play. In our case we are directing the play. She doesn't even cry that much during her physio anymore. We are really noticing how loose her arms and hands are!
  • The auction is coming along great! We spent the Remembrance Day holiday organizing all of the auction items and it looks like it will be a success!
  • Cousin Jared had his first Birthday Party and Addison was an angel! She didn't cry or whine at all! Lots of cuddles and smiles!
On our way to the party
All pretty in her party dress!

Addi and the Birthday Boy!
Addi and her Nanny!
Jared enjoyed his cake!!!!
  • Addison had a sleepover with Nanny Halloran on Saturday night! Mommy and Daddy were happy to sleep through the night! And then to top it all off Addison slept through the night on Sunday night too!!!! 
  • Tank decided if he couldn't sleep with us during the night he was sleeping in Addison's chair!!
  • We are noticing some funny movements that she is doing. She holds her breath funny in the bath tub and is doing a different movement with her head at times. I have called the neuro to talk to them about it and now i am just waiting to hear back!

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