Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Addison and her "brothers"

 So as some of you know Tyler and I had "3" children before our angel Addison came around. Their names are Tank, Corona and Boozer.
This is when they were babies
Sleeping on the bathroom mat
Sleeping on the kitchen table
Ok so maybe I had too much time on my hands!

The first thing I have to tell you is that they don't really look like us they actually are 2 cats and a dog. We got them when we moved into our first home and weren't really thinking about having children and what they would think of having cats with names that involve alcohol. We have decided we will call them Boo and Rona now!
Also, when we got the animals they were treated like our babies which we are paying for now. We spend many nights in our Queen bed with our 85 pound dog, 2 cats and then you can put Addison in the middle while hooked to the pump, needless to say we don't get much sleep.

Rona is never to far from us

Not even a month old and best friends already

He was protective of her at first

Daddy in his glory

Tank mid day just hanging out

He doesn't understand that he isn't a lap dog

The animals have come to love Addison. Rona thinks sleeping with Addison is what big brothers do. We don't let them but spend lots of time kicking them out. Addison has a beanbag chair or should I say Corona has a beanbag chair that Tank borrows when we kick him out of bed and that Addi gets to use when no one else is! When I feed Addison corona it is very common for Rona to sit on my lap. Addison likes the feel of his fur. He is black so I often wonder if Addi can see him!

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