Saturday, 3 November 2012

Oct 25th-Nov 2nd

Plays of the week

Landyn was 10 weeks old now

The weather is getting colder. We have been going for lots of walks with Auntie Debbie and babies
Going for a walk 

Auntie and her girl

Halloween Baby Group

Who do you think he looks like?

  • On Saturday the 27th Addison and Landyn were baptised! We had the baptism and then everyone came to our house and we had a late lunch and the babies opened their presents.

Jeralee and Whitney are Landyn's godparents

  • Landyn wore Jared's outfit and Chartlotte wore the one that Addi, Debbie and I wore!

Little Fallon

Brody and Brad

Love this pic!

They put an oil on his head and we smelled it for three days

We have a baby pic of Addi in this same position

She was a happy girl!

Woke up with 3 deer in the backyard

Sunday night we decided to carve some pumpkins. Addison wasn't really in the mood at all. We managed to get her in her Halloween shirt but she wouldn't look at the camera!

At this point he wasn't to sure

He was very mad at us

Our entry way

We had our Halloween playdate on Monday at Sheryls!!!

Moms and Babies

We were so excited to have Amy and Nora home for a visit 

Landyn(2.5mths), Charlotte(4.5 mths), Fallon(3 mths), Ella(2 mths), Kasey(2.5mths), Nora(2.5mths)

 Tuesday was Addison's first half day at Wee Care. It is a daycare that accommodates children with special needs. I stayed with her but she enjoyed herself. I love it there they make sure she takes part in everything the children do. They have hanging frames, light boxes, lots of toys adapted to all of her needs, walkers, standers, and even a Snoolzen room!!!

Her favourite place to nap

Happy Halloween
Debbie and I took the kiddies in the van and went to Debert, to see Nathan's parents, Tyler's parents and then to Dad, Brenda and Grandmas!

Our best attempt at all four kiddies! It wasn't until we were done trick or treating and told Jared his costume was a coat would he keep it on:)

Landyn weights 11 pounds 8 oz!! 

The end of the week wasn't as good as the beginning.
Addison had her first half day alone on Thursday at Wee Care. I dropped her off knowing she was a little off. I debated not going but like any daycare we pay for the month whether we are there or not and we don't always have good days. She did very well. She was a bit fussy when I left they cuddled her a bit and got out toys they knew she would like and she came around. They bounced her and made her laugh! It was super hard to leave her there and not to worry so I did my favourite thing...went shopping to ease my mind!! I went back at lunch time and showed them how fast I feed her and discussed what days will be like. They will do all her therapy that I do at home. Such a nice break for me! She will go every Tuesday and Thursday. I will drop her off at 9am and pick her up between 3 and 4. It will require a lot of driving but I know it is for Addison and it will do wonders for her and give Landyn and I time together. Thankfully he likes the car! 

Blendarized diet-One step ahead and two motto sometimes

On Sunday we started Addison on food instead of formula. She still gets it through the tube but it is in hope that it will help improve her reflux as a lot of families in my support group have had great success with this. We started with baby food because we need to get a blender called Vitamix which needs to be ordered and is expensive. Our doctor wrote a prescription but I doubt Bluecross will cover it. It is in the process of being ordered and for now we can do the babyfood which will be good to use when we are going away for a few days and can not bring the fancy blender. 

Tyler making it using our food processor 
It consists of 8 oz of strained meat, 4 oz of bananas, 4 oz of applesauce or pears, 4 oz of squash or sweet potatoe, 2 oz of milk, 6 tbsp of infant cereal, 3 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of oil. This is all blended together and she gets 8 oz three times a day. It is too thick for us to gravity feed like we had been doing so now we push it directly through the tube! Addison did great with it and reflux actually did get better. She even slept one night!  We knew it was too good to be true. On Wednesday when we were getting ready to go trick or treating she started screaming. I could tell by looking at her she needed to have a poop:( Now I have watched Addi go through more then anyone would ever imagine but for some reason this was the worst thing I have ever saw. She was in so much discomfort. Eventually she did go a small amount and seemed to relax. Thursday when I picked her up at daycare it happened again. I fed her lunch there and then it must of hit her and she just started screaming. She screamed the WHOLE drive home and when we got in the house she eventually fell asleep. Nanny Helen came down so I could take Landyn to new parent group. I asked Helen to give her a hot bath when she woke up to help her belly. She did but once she got her out she started screaming. Needless to say Auntie Debbie had to come over and help her poor little girl finish her BM. It still was not enough though. At this point she was now puking everything she had inside, had a mild fever and was miserable. Grandad Bayers and GG came over Thursday night and cuddled to help her feel better. She did finally go to sleep around 10 but was up at 2:30 and stayed awake for the day. She was very uncomfortable and fussy. If I held her and bent her over she was ok some of the time. The problem is I can't hold her all the time I have Landyn too. It was a long day since we were up at 2:30 am. I did get to have a nap for 30 minutes with her and she had 3 30 minute naps. We ended up getting in to see our pedicatrician thanks to our awesome dietician. With help they got her to have another small BM and then they did an xray to make sure their was no blockage. She ended up being ok. The hard part is that she is so uncomfortable she was toning like crazy. When we got to the IWK she was soaked from screaming and toning it was a sin and she did the same thing on the way home. It looked like she had a bath her hair was so wet. She was still fussy last night and this morning we are really hoping for lots of poop. We give her 2 oz of prune juice everyday and we are increasing her Peg to help to make sure this doesn't happen again until her body gets used to having real food.

Next week we will be getting more information from our dietician on what kinds of supplements she needs to be on and once we get the vitamix we can give her anything!! Just have to make sure she gets all required vitamins! So we are having french toast for breaky! So can she!
A little bit of normal for us!! 
So it had to start off a little rough but we are confident that it will be good in the end! And it is nice not having to deal with formula...even though this is way more work.

And I survived the last few days of screaming:)

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