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Welcome Landyn Tyler(August 17th-September 4th)

Well August 17th was a day to remember for us! It was the day that our beautiful baby boy was born.
It all started on August 16th with my routine obstetrician appointment. The doctor did an exam and I wasn't dilated yet so he broke through my cervix...not the best feeling in the world. When he started feeling my stomach he was like this is a 42 week stomach(I was 37 weeks) so he sent me up to 7th floor for another sizing ultrasound. We knew the baby was big from previous ultrasounds but he wanted exact size for that day.

It was determined that the baby was 8 pounds 9 ounces and could be a pound bigger or smaller. They were showing me how big his belly was and had me convinced this baby was huge. Dr. V decided I should be induced that day just to make sure we don't have problems with labour do to a big baby. At that point I was allowed to go home, pick up Tyler and head back in for mid afternoon.

It was an exciting and sad time all at once. We were super excited to finally get to meet our little man and I was excited not to be pregnant any more.  We were nervous for the actual labour and it was sad to leave Addison as we had never left her for that long before.

Our little family before the big day!

37 weeks the day I was induced

By 5pm, I was induced and we then the waiting game began! The doctor told us this would be a long process as my cervix was not ready at all. We decided we would go for a walk to try to get things moving. Well it worked and the pressure got so bad we had to go sit down.

By 8pm I was getting in and out of the bathtub trying to ease the pain. By 11:30 we were on our way to the Birth Unit to get an epidural and get the process going!

I dilated throughout the night and by 5:30am I  was fully and ready to push. The epidural wasn't working the best as I was feeling way more then I felt with Addison.

So....the nurse says, "Push with your next contraction"....normally an exciting part of the labour process...for me very very scary. This is when the feelings that we have had for 9 months started to make an appearance. It was going to happen and he would be here...which means we will find out if he is going to be healthy. Throughout the tears I managed to push luckily it only took 27 minutes and he was out. An amazing feeling...the weight of the world was then lifted of our shoulders. I don't think I realized how much I was worried about that moment and for it to turn out perfect was amazing.

Of course for the delivery we had obs and neonatal in the room and they took the baby as soon as he was born but gave him right back. It was such a different experience then the first time around. We had no idea what we missed out on and how traumatizing our experience was. I feel very blessed to have been given a healthy child...something sooooo many people take for granted everyday.

He has arrived! 

No words to describe this moment

So tired but so in love!

Dr. M and nurse Ashley

The rest of the story is more need to dwell on the past. We are going to take this experience as a healing time in our life and move forward. We have more then accepted what happened on that October morning in 2010 when our lives forever changed. We were not only blessed with a daughter, we were blessed with a miracle. A child who forever and always will teach us something everyday. She has taught us that if you have your health, you have everything and not to sweat the small stuff. Addison has overcome challenges that most of us don't even think about in our lives. She has fought infections, spasms, seizures, colds, reflux, oral aversions, aspiration, hypertension, hypertonia, and Cerebral Palsy(and who knows what I have forgot).She doesn't get to do what her peers do. She doesn't have the chance to pick up the toy that she wants in her hands, or run to her dad when gets home from work, or have an ice cream or a cold drink on a hot day, or hug me when she feels pain.  She has fought and continues to fight these everyday and somehow manages to smile and laugh. I have watched her reflux so bad she looses her whole feed and then look at me with those big eyes and smile...could you do that? I know I sure as hell couldn't! In the end, we will forever and always do everything in our power for our little girl and make sure her daily experiences are all they can be and as close to her peers as physically possible.

It has been almost three weeks since the little man joined the family! It has been an amazing time. Addison has been in a great mood for the most of it and Tyler and I are just in love with our family. It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning(even if you have had no sleep) and see two babies looking at you and needing your love!

Landyn is a perfect baby! He is nursing great, sleeping good(well if you call waking every two hours great..haha), and if he cries he just wants to eat or his soother! He is as cute as a button and most people think he looks like his dad.

We had Tyler off with us for the first 10 days and have been on our own since then and haven't had any major set backs. The days go quick and with two kiddos there is always something to do. <

We took our first overnight last weekend and went to Debert to Nanny and Poppy Mill`s house. Landyn did great and we can`t wait to do it again.

Addison is starting horseback riding on Sunday in Truro we are very excited!

Otherwise, our life is consumed with love and happiness:)

I will try to post weekly......that is not a promise it will depend on the babies!

Enjoy the photos! Instead of writing about the last few weeks I think the pictures will speak words for us!

First Bath

Thanks Alicia and Ian!

She loved him

Such a proud DAD!!

Wagon Ride the the Cottage!

sorry for the sideways pictures!

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