Saturday, 18 August 2012

July 25th-August 15th (plays of the month)

Plays of the last month!!

  • Addison finally got better after taking the steroids. It is so nice to have her back to her normal happy self.
  • We had a week of crankiness. She was getting five teeth all at once. All four eye teeth and one of her two year molars. It was pure stressful that week but I am glad it is all over for now!
  • We finally have lots of chemicals and cleaning the pool looks great. It only took three weeks but it was worth it! Addison loves it and finds it very relaxing. She has fallen asleep three times when in the pool. I just take her out and she sleeps on the deck while we swim!
  • I had lots of doctors appointments and ultrasounds and everyone keeps telling me the baby is huge!!
  • I went to the mall last Sunday alone with Addison. Tyler dropped us off he had to do a few things for work...well that was a mistake. Addison was hysterical. She screamed and people starred and starred. I was beyond flustered. I just wanted to get out of the house and do some shopping...well Addison had different ideas! People can be so rude. It is one thing to look, its another to stare. And the most frustrating thing is when people see you coming with a stroller and don't hold the door open for you..grrr!
  • Addison's reflux has gotten much worse. We are not sure if it is because she is teething or the formula. I think next week are are switching formulas to something that is more food based and often helps tube fed children with reflux. 
  • The week she was teething she had more seizures. Now that she isn't teething as bad it seems to have slowed down. Fingers crossed it stays that way. We also noticed she was jerking her head back funny. It almost looked like a spasm but also like reflux. We had an appointment with neuro and they did an EEG(which might I add was AWFUL because Addison screamed the whole time). The EEG came back as her previous ones so no new spasms. We decided we would watch to see what happens before moving to a new medication. Steroids are the next step and they have an abundance of side effects one being irritability. Thankfully Auntie Debbie came with me that day!
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This is what our pool looked like before we got it straightened out. It was all because we added  our well water. 

Welcome Baby Fallon Poirier 

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