Thursday, 13 September 2012

Plays of the week (Sept 5th-Sept 13th)

Playing with Addi's toys!

Addi got new horse PJ's from Nana and Grandpa
In the evening they like to cuddle in their Pj's

Landyn and his cousin Charlotte

Big girl Addison

Jared pretending he is a baby with Landyn's soother and chair

Tank is too cute! We have this same picture with Addison when she was a baby

All ready to go horseback riding!

When she first got on the horse this is how she sat

She liked the feel of the horses hair on her face

By the end this is how she was sitting

Nanny and Poppy Halloran got her a new swing for their house!

Daddy gives Landyn a bottle every night!


We asked her to babysit while we got her meds and bottles done!

During playdate Charlotte needed to be fed while we started eating so Debbie is looking after all six babies! Brodys is playing but you can't see him


Brody-6 months, Landyn-3.5 weeks, Charlotte-3 months, Fallon- 6 weeks, Kasey-3.5 weeks, Ella 2.5 weeks
What a bunch of cute babies!

Addi was the big girl at play date!

Now that the most important part of the blog is done...the photos I will give you an update about life with the Hallorans!

  • Addison started horseback riding! She loved it. The girl that does it has had great success with children with CP. We are not hoping for a miracle just that we have something that Addi enjoys!
  • Landyn weighed 8 pounds 10 oz and Addi weighed 25.5 pounds!
  • Great Grandma left for Ontario we will miss her a lot!
  • We had our first baby playdate it was great! There were six babies and moms!
  • Addison is off to have her port accessed today and to see the doctor about her blood pressure. We are hoping soon she will be able to come off the medications!
  • Landyn is growing like a weed. He is still feeding every two hours overnight and the odd three hour stretch during the day. He eats for about 10 minutes and is very satisfied! I have started pumping everyday and Tyler feeds him one bottle a night. He is also a soother baby! It makes him happy so we are happy
  • I am loving being a mom with two kids! I find the days pass by quick as there is always something to do! I think after all we went through with Addi that this time around is a piece of cake (as he is a good baby so far) and we deserve every bit of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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