Thursday, 27 September 2012

Plays of the week (Sept 13th-Sept 27th)

Plays of the week

We went to OPA for a visit with Ella

Evening nap together

Corona loves him

Visiting with Ava

Silly girls

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First day of wee bears

Airplane once stopped

Jared and Uncle Tyler

So ugly he is cute

Bayers family missing Jenn and the kids

Little grin

Addi and Kasey

Fell asleep in our bed in the morning

Ava and Landyn

Rona loves the highchair

Love it

  • Addison is going to be stopping her lisinopril medication for her blood pressure. The doctor said that 8/10 children come off by age 2, the other 1/10 by age 3 and then the other 1/10 will continue to need it. Her pressure is perfect now so we are going to start in October. We go back two weeks after reducing the dose and if all is fine we get rid of it all together. 
  • We had horse back riding again and it was great! Addison did even better this time. 
  • We went to a friend from works house and cut our own sod so we now have a semi front lawn and plan to finish the rest by next summer as it is getting to late in the year now.
  • The big news of the last couple weeks is that Landyn had his first plane trip. It all started on a Tuesday when Debbie was up and her and I were talking about how we wanted to go to Toronto for a visit because Dad, Brenda, and Grandma were all going to be there. Well before you know it and lots of phone calls later we had it booked. We left Thursday evening and came home red eyed Sunday morning. It was a whirlwind of a trip but it was great to be with family. The plane ride was hilarious it could have been a reality show. You see nothing is easy when travelling with is a pain, squishy seats on the plane when you can't sit by your spouse because you can't have more then one child per row is an even bigger pain.  We had vomit, poop explosions everywhere, and children screaming. We did survive, the other passengers on the completely full planes may have something different to say.  
  • We had our first Wee Bears. This is put on by the family resource center here locally. It is for an hour and a half once a week. They do a craft, have snack and do circle time. I enjoy it and Addison seems to as well. She was smiling a lot during circle as she was being bounced around. 
  • This week(it is Thursday night) has been a week from hell. Addison has basically been crying since she woke screaming hysterically on Monday morning. We have had one seizure and a few large vomits. Not sure what is going on we think it is teething but no way to know for sure. To make it worse Addison's Birthday is next week and I have been trying to get ready for that but haven't had much success because of crying children...and Landyn has started his six week growth spurt and ate every 1.5 hours for the last 12 hours! Needless to say there was a lot of me sitting on the coach feeding Landyn with a screaming child on the side of me.....not a week I hope to re live anytime soon.
  • Landyn is smiling....well not all the time but he is a couple times a day. He gave his first one to Grandad Bayers!! 
  • Landyn is getting big and is staying awake more. His head control is getting stronger. He enjoys being in his swing and laying on the playmat! He does love to be cuddled especially when he is done feeding in the middle of the night. I must say he will grow up to be one patient boy because it is impossible for me to be there right away when he cries every time! Landyn has given us one five hour stretch and we can't wait for him to start doing it more often! 
  • Our house scored 85 on the Energuide and we are very happy about that!
  • We miss Grandma like crazy and can't wait for her to get home!

  • Our life might be stressful, crazy, and hectic...but it is our life and we love it!!! Right Auntie 

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