Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Plays of the week(September 28th-October 8th)

  • We have had an exciting week around here! Addison turned two!
  • Nanny Donna came to visit and we took her to her two year check up! She was 26 pounds!
Rainbow Theme Birthday Party!

  • I may have spent a bit too much time on pinterest trying to get ideas for the party. I had all kinds of plans and didn't end up getting to all of them after our cranky week. But with the help of Daddy and Nanny Helen we managed to get the important stuff done Friday night! 
  • Addison loves colours so we had a rainbow themed party! Her friends came over and we played with slime, had lots of treats and with the help of Sophie and Brianna opened presents! One of the cutest moments in the party was when Sophie her three year old friend asked if Addison could be put on the floor so she could play with her. When I was told that my heart just swelled it made me so happy! I hope the children continue to want to play and interact with her. 
Addi and Landyn watching us get ready for the party on Friday night

The cupcakes were rainbow on the inside!

The set up!

This was the treat bags!

Time to play with slime!

Our family!

Even tried the icing. She was so tired by this point!

I think Landyn wanted some presents of his own!

  • We were going to have a family party on Sunday but after our miserable week we decided to take a day to ourselves. Addison went to Nanny and Poppy Halloran's for the night Saturday and we stayed home and relaxed..and I enjoyed a glass of Bubbly and a bubble bath! Sunday we went to town did a bit of running around and squeezed in some Christmas shopping. So far Landyn is a good little shopper! 
  • Monday we had the family down for cake after supper! Of course Addison got more presents. In the end of the weekend events she got a lot of adorable clothes, shoes, coats, riding pants, cowboy boots, black dress boots, new jackets, money, a few toys and her favourite a set of Melissa and Doug musical instruments.
All ready for company to come over and he slept the whole time!

She wasn't a happy camper!

Nana and the babies

  • We had playdate on Tuesday at Amy and Ella's house!
  • Wednesday Nanny Donna came to visit and Auntie, Jared and Charlotte came over!
  • Thursday we had wee bears and went for a nice walk. 
  • Landyn is growing like crazy. He holds his head up a lot more and  gives smiles! 
  • Addison has been having reflux worse again. A couple days a week she vomits her whole feeding. 
  • She still smiles and laughs! When she is making noises we find that the sounds are getting different more like a babble instead of coos
  • Addison loves wee bears! She really enjoys circle time with all the singing and bouncing. 
  • We have been enjoying going for walks with Landyn in the carrier!
  • We started the cut on her lisinopril so now we hope her blood pressure stays stable. 
  • Apsea is coming this week!
Picture time!

In her stander

Happy at playdate!

Addi and Fallon

Fallon, Addi and Charlotte! Mini Jill Ashley and Debbie!

Nanny and the babes outside!

Landyn held on tight to his sis!

Ready to go for a walk!

Getting ready to walk to Aunties!

Jared playing with Addi

Our soother babies

Snuggles in the big bed!

Our big girl

Thanksgiving at Nan and Poppy Mills

We tried!

My babies!

Squished in!

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