Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Plays of the week (October 9th-October 16th)

Plays of the week

  • We had playdate last week at Auntie Debbie`s house!
Landyn and Kasey

First time in the big tub!

  •  Apsea came to visit and we met our new Apsea teacher. She will come to our house once a month. They took her board because she is too big for it and her hanging frame. They are going to put new stuff on her frame. They also want us to use of water mat with warm water, new colors, change her toys up, black reading stand, and her wheel chair more. They said that if her body is supported she will use her vision more.

Apsea brought Addi a switch that she uses her head with. We are not sure what we think of it yet.

Hanging out while I make muffins!

  • We went to the Randall's for Thai take out Friday night!!!

Addi and Ava having a bath together!

  • We went to the Wiggles on Saturday with Birgitt ans Sophie! I wanted to go to see what Addison would think. I was worried she would fuss and not enjoy it. Boy, I was wrong! From the second they came on the stage till the finished she was happy. She smiled and laughed the whole time. Really the bright lights and loud noises were perfect for her!

Ready for the Wiggles

The girls ready for the show

She loved loved loved it

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  • Sunday we had a day at home with a quick trip to town! We made a great supper of Chicken Crunch and Rice Pilaf!

Lazy Sunday

A strap to help her sit in the cart. It is not ideal but it makes it possible to go out with her in the cart!

Can you say spoiled. He took the blanket off Addison's wedge and made himself comfy

  •  Alicia and Ava came to visit Monday! We used Addi's lightbox and did some finger painting!

Ava trying to make Addi feel better!

Finger Painting

Ava was pushing Addi around the house.

  • Playdate was at Fallon's house today! We had fun but Addison did have a seizure. Hopefully that is it and we wont start having more!
  • Landyn now can hold his head up and look side to side!
  • Landyn turns 2 months tomorrow and we go to the doctor for needles!
  • Landyn is doing really good at night. We have had a few nights where he is only getting up twice and one night that he ate at 9 and not again till almost 3!!!! 
  • Landyn loves to sleep in his swing during the day!
  • Addison's reflux has been really bad. We started her on Zantac but are noticing no difference.
    We can't seem to get her to bed before 10. We put her in there and she grinds her teeth and tones really bad. We have appointments next week at the IWK hopefully we will get this figured out.
  • Addison is now starting horseback riding with someone different on a horse named Sunny!
  • We had found the first riding place from an episode of Live at 5(our local news). They had done a segment on this company that does this great therapeutic riding and had children on there that had made great improvements. After watching it we decided to try it out. Unfortunately I put all my trust into the news and didn't investigate the company. I was fortunate enough that I know someone who lives in Truro who contacted us to tell us after finding out who we were riding with to tell us that it was a scam. She wasn't qualified to do what she said she could do. I did think it was awful cheap, weird that she didn't require a helmet and was very young. Next time I will go with my gut. But in the mean time we have found a new actually certified person. She is going to take us to get sized for the proper helmet! 

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