Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March 13th - April 1st
Well winter is over thankfully and for now so is the sickness.  We had a great visit with Jenn and Brooke although the week was full of sick people (the flu hit almost all of us throughout the week) it was still fun! Debbie and I went out for Jenn's Birthday with some of our other friends and it was great! Had some drinks and did a bit of dancing!! Made me really excited for our girls weekend that we have coming up in June!!!
Landyn got two teeth!! One on Thursday past and one on Easter Sunday! Teeth brought sleepless nights, lots of explosions, fevers, and a runny nose! Not eating solids was also brought on by teething we are working on that now. He seems to love the fruit everything else seems to be a lot of work to get it in.
Addison's surgery is Friday. We had pre-op last week after 5.5 hours at the hospital.  She is having her abductors released in her hips. She was supposed to be casted for six weeks but now they are saying they are getting a wedge made that will go between her legs and keep them spread apart for six weeks. The whole purpose is so her hips don't get out of joint as they are working the way out now. She was also scheduled to have her tonsils and adnoids out at the same time but her blood work came back a bit off so I am waiting for a phone call to find out what they are doing about that. Either way it is going to be a six week recovery from the hip surgery.....makes me very stressed when I think about it. I will be updating the blog when we are in the hospital this weekend.
Addi is home from daycare this week as we wanted to keep her healthy before the surgery!
She will also be out for awhile after the surgery.
We had a great Easter! The kids were spoiled like always! We had friends over on Friday for an Egg Hunt! It was a blast I was so happy the toddlers loved it!
Addison has had some really good sleeping nights and some really bad nights but we have had more good then we are used to! Landyn is still not a sleeper at all. We are working on that!
Landyn started to scoot on his belly backwards yesterday. It is amazing how far he can actually get. He also has found his screaming voice! So cute! He is in a big carseat now and we have lowered his crib! It is incredible how much he can change just over night. The smallest things we are so excited over as it seems like we have waited forever for these things!

Pictures from the month of March

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