Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wow its been 4 months:) Update as of March 12th 2013

Welcome back:)
So I didn't just quit blogging for no reason...I had come on and it said that I couldn't add pictures because my account was full..well then someone told me how I could do it another way and to be honest my life just did allow me the time to play around to figure that out.
Well lots has gone and and is going in the next month so I need to have somewhere to document it for my own purpose and to keep our family and friends updated.

So as my kids nap(yes at the same time:) ) I am going to try to debrief you on what is going on in our life since the last time I wrote!!

Landyn is a few days short of seven months. He is just the cutest little boy around. He is a happy baby who on most days is a piece of cake to take care of. We have been very blessed. He now sits up all on his own, plays with all his toys, is very curious, and teaches us something new everyday. It in someways is like being first time parents. We had no idea how much we missed out on with Addi. There is so much she is missed/misses out on. It is the little things that so many people take for granted that we watch Landyn do and are of my fav things he does is play with my face:)  He knows what he likes and doesn't like. He did really well on the bottle until about 6 months then went on bottle strike. He will now take small amounts and does much better if it is a man feeding him. He likes to have a hissy fit if a woman tries to feed him. I did manage to get him to drink a bottle for me last night. He started solids at about 5.5 months. We have no tried all the suggested fruits and veggies for his age. He loves all fruit and we mostly mix it with his cereal and he chows away! He is not a fan of chicken at all and if we sneak a little bit in with his veggies he sometimes will eat it. He loves his sippy cup! Still no teeth for Landyn but he is drolling so maybe soon.  He has had a few colds/sicknesses over the winter. He fought them pretty well. He currently is on day five of multiple explosions a day hoping that ends soon. He loves watching the cats and dogs now. He likes to sit with Addi and rub her face and she loves when he makes noise and plays with toys so she can hear them!

Addison is a month away from being two and a half....scary really..its funny how as we get older time seems to go faster and we wish for it to slow down. I now just live one day at a time and try not to wish time away.
Addi is still on her blenderized diet. It is going well I love being able to feed her whatever I want!!!!
She gets lots of stuff like today she had apple and strawberries for snack, shes having turkey dinner for lunch, a banana muffin and pear for snack and whatever we have for supper:)
She is still in Wee Care. It is really a gem we are so lucky to have found it. They are super equipped to deal with special needs and have such wonderful staff who never make us feel like a pain. Addison has a little friend there who loves her. She is always right by Addi's side. They often sleep on the same bed so the little girl can rub Addi's head to make her go to sleep. It melts my heart to know a little girl is so taken with Addi. We have had meetings with all the people at the daycare and it is amazing because they work together with all our other specialists.
Addison is wearing a size 3 now shes sooo long! She still is around 26/27 pounds but her lenght is growing.
She ended up going back on the blood pressure meds because it came back up after being off for awhile. They will try to take her off it again at age 3.
We are weaning her now off of Sabril which is for infantile spasms(the bad seizures). She is at 5mls from in three more weeks she will be completely fingers and toes are crossed because this med has bad side effects! She is still on keepra, prevacid, and also takes peg, iron, tums, fish oil, and a multi vitamin!
Addison basically has been sick since Christmas. She had a cold at Christmas and since has had multiple other colds, lung infection, ear infection, throat, fever a few times one time lasting five days, the flu, cough, and is now back to a cold and cough. The coughing sucks because it makes her vomit. It is a sin because you think of how we need a drink or can clear our throat well she can't do that so the mucus just sits there and she ends up getting sick. We always have a bowl on hand. This is why she isn't gaining weight.  Over the almost three months since Christmas my patients have been worn thin. We had many many days of crying Addison and it just seemed to never end. A few weeks ago it was so bad we thought something serious was wrong with her. However, since the last antibiotic(shes been on three and had two puffers) she slowly has come around and this is officially the first week that I can say feels like normal. Where I can put her down and she will interact with her toys and isn't just crying or lifeless. I feel that since I survived the last few months I am good for anythign...well maybe not..April 5th everything is goign to go to hell again...Addison is having her hip surgery:( I don't know many details yet I will let you know when I find out but I do know she will be casted for six weeks and I may just go insane:)
We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of get togethers with family and friends.
We haven't got to do much this winter because every weekend we have been sick or its been snowing.
Addison is going to start horsebackriding again soon. Just took a break because of sickness and weather.
We have playdates still every Thursday. It is forever growing I think we are at 13 babies now:)
Our new house is treating us well my biggest complaint is that now that the snow is gone and we a mud pit as a yard I am SICK of foot prints from our cats and dog!! Yard work is going to begin as soon as the weather allows us too!
It is March Break here now and Jenn and Brooke are here for the week! We are enjoying having them around. My little Brooke isn't so little anymore but she is a great help. Looking forward to the last part of their trip..they go home on Sunday!
Well I think thats enough of an update about us for now!
I cant add pictures I have to figure out how to a full post of four months worth of pictures is so come:)
HOpefully I will be back to updates promises though life is a bit busy:)

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