Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Plays of the Week April 16th-April 24th

Plays of the Week
April 16-24

-Last week Addison had the best week she has ever had. It was a week full of smiles, laughing, therapy, playing, and just having "normal" days. It gave us a taste for what life could be like if we could get her healthy for an extended period of time.

- Addison finally got to go to horseback riding. It was amazing. She got to first sit and watch the horse run around which she loved because of the noise it makes. Then she got to get on the horses back. She tolerated it for like 15 minutes. She eventually was moving her head from side to side and lifting it up and looking forward....HUGE things in our world! My Dad came with me to help and he enjoyed it so much. It was nice having him around for that!

-Landyn is moving around on the floor by rolling and going backwards when on his belly. It is amazing to watch him get better at moving everyday. He now rolls over in the tub on his own. Landyn also loves his Poppy(Leo). When he sees him walk in the house he starts to get right stiff and push his arms down until Leo goes and picks him up. It is adorable. I think his Great Grandma is in the running for another favourite person.

-Addison is having partial complex seizures again. This means we had to increase keepra. Increasing keepra causes Addison to be extremely cranky and irritable. It has been a long few days since Saturday. It is hard because she just cries uncontrollably and we have no way to calm her down most of the time.

-Tyler built Addison a sensory playhouse. It is amazing. He worked so hard at it and is very proud as he should be. Addison seems to like it and as she gets used to it I think she will really enjoy being inside.

- We have been working on yardwork starting with our garden. It is so fun having a garden again. I missed mine last summer. Tyler was outside till 10pm the other night moving rocks with his truck:) I think he is a keeper:)

- Tyler also built the kids a swingset. Landyn smiles the whole time he is in the swing it is adorable. We ordered Addi a new swing from the special needs catalog tonight. I am excited for it to come. We also ordered her a space blanket for in her house!

-Landyn is 8 months old now which is crazy. He ate little pieces of roastbeef the other night. He isn't a huge fan of little chunkie food but he will get used to it.

- Addison can't take melatonin until after her surgeries so sleeping has been rough for the last bit. Like bedtimes around 10:30, 11:30 even 12:30 one night. It makes for long days with no break. When she is cranky on top of that it makes for one tired and cranky momma.

My little bed hog!

So special

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