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April 2nd-April 15th Plays of the weeks!

Addi Update!

Well as you may already now surgery was cancelled for April and is rescheduled for May 17th. Addison's blood work was a bit funky and they needed to refer us to hematology to have it checked over. Some of the blood work they took can take up to four weeks to get back so assuming it is all fine we will go ahead with hips, tonsils and adenoids on the 17th of May. The problem with the blood work was her blood clotting factor was off and of course they couldn't risk her blood not clotting and having surgery.This was all bitter sweet to Tyler and I....Did we want our daughter to have surgery and spend a weekend in the hospital..NO...but did we want it done and over with so we could stop worrying about it...Well of course. For now we just have to no give her any of her non medical drugs which includes Melatonin, Omega, and Magnesium. It will be two months in total that she will be off of these which is unfortunate because sleep is such an important part of life and we lack it around here with Melatonin on without it we just pray for the best!! Magnesium is for tone(when Addison's muscles get really stiff(people always comment on how strong she is-it is part of her CP). We never really knew if it helped her tone or not but now that she is off of it we realize it really did. She is back to "toning" alot when she is being held and when in her devices and going to sleep. We look forward to being able to give it to her again. Although it is nice not having so many syringes of meds to give her!
Addison has been healthy though which is a nice treat but her reflux is TERRIBLE.
She is just bringing up mouthfulls of vomit. It is a sin. She will just be sitting there and you will hear it and turn around and its all over her and anything else around her(chair, stander, me). She also I gave her lunch and five minutes later she vomited lunch plus everything else in her tummy back up. We are in the process of changing up her diet again to see if we can help this. We are thinking she needs less volume so hopefully we will find a high fat blend that will require her to get fewer ounces and maybe just maybe that will mean less vomiting. With all of the CP stuff we deal with I think reflux is the one thing that comes back to haunt us regularly.
Addison has a new chair called the Seat2Go we really it as she can sit on the floor with her brother. We also got a peg board table that she can put toys on. Tyler is building her a new playhouse(little room) that will be for her special toys!
Daycare is one of Addi's favourite things. She is having super happy days there now. They said she is all smiles and the kids love her. When you wheel her in they come running saying Addi. There is one girl who loves her  we will call her M. M sleeps with Addi if Addi is fussy and is always by her side. Adorable is all I can say.
We spend a lot of time with my sister and niece and nephew. Addison loves those times also because of the noise the children make! The more kids around the better! I see lots of playdates in store for the summer and the six weeks recovery after the surgery.

The rest of us!!

Landyn will be eight months old on Wednesday! He is 18 lbs and growing like a weed! He is my handsome man who melts my heart when he smiles! I totally understand why they are "Mommy's Boys". We are amazed at every little thing he does the latest being clapping his hands.
He likes to challenge  me and give me a headache though...he hates to drink from a bottle or sippy cup. I officially started the weaning last week. Now at noon time he gets a sippy cup of breast milk..he takes 4 oz on a good day but most days 3-3.5 oz. Today we started a second sippy cup and it is at supper time. And we will continue introducing one until eventually he is only nursing morning and night...then once he turns nine months we will gradually introduce cows milk and get rid of nursing all together. I loved my time nursing it is such a bonding experience but I am ready to have my body back and who am I kidding...summer is coming and I wouldn't mind having the odd glass of bubbly sitting on the back deck on the nice summer evenings:) My girl friends and I are starting a yearly tradition of a Girls Weekend in June. We are leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday....It will be the longest time away from the kids in a long time but am I ever excited!!!!!!!!! I actually can't explain how much I cherish my girl friend time! I am a huge family person and love my family but I think getting away strengthens that and reminds you how much you love them!! I also can't wait to SLEEP SLEEP AND SLEEP:) We have around 13 people right now so assuming they all come it should be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The summer is fast approaching and the calander is filling up of course! We have a lot of weddings and two family reunions plus a trip to Pittsburg to see a special eye doctor for Addi and my 12 year old niece is coming to stay with us for 4 WEEKS. A teenager in the house should prove to be entertaining at times I am sure! She used to live in Nova Scotia until she was 7 and she was my little girl when she was here. I spent a great deal of time with her so I can't wait to have her back for that time. I am sure it will be sad to see her leave when the time comes. She will be a great help for me with the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just for your own curiousity...
Right now Addison is sitting in her seat2go chair and Landyn is in the Jumperoo the country music is cranked up and I am working on this! I know some people question how I have time to do this during the day...well when Addi is having a good day it is amazing what I can get done as Landyn is a good baby and plays so well by himself.(I already did her physio, sitting, tummy time, stander, lightbox, wheel chair time, seat 2 go, back time, and cuddle and ipad time).I know those days are coming to an end soon becasue he is going to start moving(he rolls around the floor right now and can push himself backwards).

Although...I do this quite quick and don't reread it or check my spelling so forgive my grammer and spelling...and Yes I am a teacher....but that doesn't mean I don't make mistakes in spelling and grammer....especially when I am sleep deprived.

I haven't talked much about sleep but I don't get much. Addison sleeps through every now and then but often doesn't go to bed till late or wakes up right when we want to go to bed. Landyn still eats many many times a night and often needs his soother put in at other times on top of that. But who needs sleep. It has been something we haven't had for 2.5 years and may not for a long time so we function. The moms in my playgroup that are new to this are funny
 because they have to nap and will not come to playdate because they are tired. I just think of how nice a nap option would be:)
I try not to chime in to much just because if I didn't have Addi I know life would be different and I would complain the same way they do. Being a parent to a child with special needs really puts a swing on things...I have to be careful because I am the minority and No they don't know any different.  I guess in the end I just wish I could have problems like them...instead I deal with a long list of things you all know and I wont bother writing again!

We just had the most generous woman drop off a garbage full of tabs for is a crazy amount!! A friend of ours Lesley's mom dropped them off and it was her sister who got most of them..people are just too nice. Makes us feel so fortunate to have the friends and family we do to love Addi!
Auntie Debbie, Jared and Addi

Landyn and Addi having a cuddle

So handsome

This is what they were doing while I started the blog

Happy Happy Happy


If that isn't handsome what is?

Dad and his girl

How cute?

Great Grandma, Addi, and Jared finger painting on the light box

Play time on Addi's new table(that tyler says is ugly and he needs to

Poppy and Landyn

Add caption

First time in a swing!

Bath time at Nana and Grandad's house!

Me and my girl

Playdate with everyone in attendance!!!!

The "big" kids at playdate

Enjoy your week everyone!!!!

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