Monday, 23 April 2012

Sleep...really what is that???

You know...I feel kind of weird right now.....
Why you ask, let me tell you.

In the early hours of the morning watching her movie

  • Addison is sound asleep and has been since 7:15(which never happens so I can actually do this). Most people are saying why the hell am I not going to bed but you see Addison needs her feeding at 8:00, meds at 8:30, then we have to make her formula and she goes on the pump at 9:00 and then we can think about going to bed....that is in an ideal world that she is still asleep. I am hopeful that tonight is a new night and she will be but who knows if I am just being overly optimistic!
  • I am super over tired as we have had three hours on average a night for over a week.
  • We have very few nights left here in West Jeddore.
  • We are moving into a basement apartment in Porters Lake which is beside Tylers parents and is great but during the day while I am at work I will be 30 minutes away from Addison:(
  • Everyone is stressed about jobs and who knows what position I will get for next year but the strange thing is that at one point in time this would be stressful for me but now it really seems insignificant. Yes I need a job...but it is out of my control. I am a seniority number on a piece of paper and what is meant for me I will have. Luckily, I will be off on mat leave next year and just need my name next to a position as I wont be going. 
  • I am 20.5 weeks pregnant, feeling good..tired but for other reasons and so excited to be having a boy. 

So the last two weeks have been a bit of a blur. We have packed pretty much the whole house and moved it. Addison has gone from being a terrible sleeper to being a non-sleeper. We have spent the last few nights getting up at midnight and staying up. If we are lucky we get an hours sleep in between but have actually gone with nothing. This has been extremely frustrating but we are somehow surviving. I have a cold that I can't seem to shake and have a bad case of the sneezes that my students seem to think is very funny.  Addison has got herself in a vicious cycle. She is cranky, doesn't sleep, then is cranky because she is tired, and it just goes around and around.  I spent the day playing phone tag with the hospital and today we gave her nytrasapam which is a medication for irritability and has a sleepy side effect. We think that may be why she is in bed so early. 
I am expecting a call from the doctor tomorrow I expect we will be starting her on a sleeping medication as we can not survive on three hours of sleep.

She got one of her eye teeth and her last molar!

Hopefully I will be able to update soon that we are sleeping again! 

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