Friday, 11 May 2012

April 23rd-May 8th Plays of the week

Update on the Halloran Family!

We have moved! After five years of living in our first home we are gone! It was exactly one year to the day. We are living in Porter's Lake in a basement apartment next to Tyler's parents house. It is very nice to be close to family and we are getting spoiled that is for sure but we definitely miss having our own place. Tyler has been spending nights and weekends working on our new house! He has had lots of help so has actually had quite a bit of time at home due to being done early and needing to wait for deliveries. 
Building a house is fun so far! Decision making is interesting but Tyler knows what he wants as he does this everyday I am quite happy with him making the decisions I just put my input in when it is something I must have!!!! So far we have picked out siding colour, this weekend we meet with the cupboard people to finalize the kitchen!!!
We are building a bungalow on a slab and an attached garage! I am so excited to have a brand new house especially how we want it!

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What is new with Addison!

  • Sleep comes and goes. It is kind of like the weather...very unpredictable and goes on a streak of bad with the odd good night. I had a woman tell me very persistently that Addison wakes up because she knows her Mom and Dad are going to pick her up and if we just leave her she will go to sleep. This woman said she knows exactly what it is like for us............OH HOW THIS BUGS ME....
    Yes I understand all children have their ups and downs of sleeping. They can get up a couple times a night for awhile etc. I expect that people who know us know we have a daughter with special needs and unless you have been there.....I MEAN HAVING A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS then no you don't know what it is like. Your child walks, talks, eats, plays, and doesn't have a brain injury. Addison doesn't wake up for the reasons other children wake up. Her brain is not telling her to sleep. That is why she actually can stay up all night and not be affected by it the next day and not take any longer naps....I am pretty sure that when a typical child stays up all night (first of all they probably wouldn't make it because I hardly make it my brain wants me to sleep) that the next day they are going to nap, be cranky etc. It is just amazing that some people can't just say wow that sucks and move on or don't say anything at all I would be fine with that I don't need anyone's PITY. In the end I just shook my head and agreed with her because it wasn't worth the argument. I wanted to say well if you had it so bad then why didn't your doctors prescribe your child with serious sleeping medication...yeah that is what I thought..your child was spoiled and mine has special needs(and is most definitely spoiled in other ways which she deserves to be) so obviously your problem wasn't that bad:).....sorry for the rant
  • Addison had a few amazing for Addi sleeping nights since we moved but that was just a tease. We did give her chloralhydrate to sleep twice this week. Guess doesn't work! We might need a dose increase!
  • We went swimming with Ava and Jared and Addison loved floating with her neck ring!
  • She makes coo sounds a lot more and can be interactive when feeling good.
  • We have been going to the lot to make lunch and supper for the working men!
  • I went to Amy's baby shower it was fun having all the pregnant girls together
  • She weighs 21.5 pounds still only little but we don't mind. 
  • We are waiting for her stander now!!!


The only way she would stop crying

In her brother's chair!

Cuddles with GG

Tickles from Grandpa

I could just eat her up


Addi and her kitty 

22 weeks

Hanging with |Dad

All the pregnant ladies

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