Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March 8-March 21 Hello Spring!!!!!

Well I really haven't been putting my full effort into keeping the blog up to date but as I am feeling better now hopefully that means I will be able to update more often!

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday March 10th for the ketogenic diet. It wasn't a bad stay although by the end of it Addison was screaming all the time again. This time we think it was from constipation because of the new diet. Now one would think that since they knew this was going to be a problem and Addison already had issues with this they would have put her on something from the start. Unfortunately, things don't work like that all the time or really ever  so she ended up in pain and the medication didn't work until the Sunday once we were home.

When we left the hospital on Saturday morning she still wasn't in ketosis but they were OK to send us home. Really they weren't doing anything anyway I was doing all the meds, Feds, blood and urine checks etc, so we really could have came home long before. But I didn't say anything just did what we were told... surprising eh..

I have to give you just one example of a nurse we had while there....

Addison was screaming for the second day in a row. I was there alone as Tyler was at work. I spent the day walking, bouncing, cuddling, and doing all I could do to try to get her to stop. At 12:00 everyday is when the new formula is made and it is also when Addison is due to eat so I paged the nurse to bring the new bottle in. When she came in Addison was screaming she went to put the formula in the fridge. I told her I had to feed her now. Well instead of offering to get it ready for me because clearly I had my hands full she sat it on the table. I stood up put screaming Addison in her crib and proceeded to start her formula the nurse then turns around and says, "can you check her blood sugar before you feed her please?" I wanted to scream and yell and tell her that was her job but I didn't I just did as I was told as poor Addi screamed in her crib even more..........

We left the hospital Saturday morning just in time to go meet our contractor and sign everything for our new house! We are very excited! We have to be out of this house April 30th (kind of sad when I sit and look around thinking about all the memories). We should be in our new house by July! We decided to go with a bungalow on a slab with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an attached garage, an 8 foot pantry and open concept!!! We look forward to picking out everything and getting to decorate a new house! We are even going to have a dishwasher for the first time in my life! I don`t look forward to the nights and weekends of Tyler working to get it ready but I will manage and it will all be worth it in the end!

March Break was last week! I am very pleased to say I spent a very nice and quiet week at home with Addison. Monday we went to the IWK for Physio and a weight check and Addison had gained the weight back. We had a visit with Ava and Alicia and then Debbie and Jared and on Friday I babysat Jared for the day and that was fun! He is so cute with Addison! He cuddles her and loves to hold  her hand!
Nothing like a funny farm in the bed

God she melts my heart

If that isn't cute I don't know what is

Best Buds

He did that on his own

Trip to the park 

Best Friend Ava came to visit and what a little ham she is

Mini Alicia

We were thinking of buying Jared a dog bed for Easter because he spent the majority of the day playing on Tanks

This made me laugh

All of a sudden he grabbed on for a hug

Saturday, we went out for the day to do some shopping and visit with Nanny and Poppy Mills. We had a great visit and Addison did great in the car! It is such a treat when she isn't crying!

Sunday was a bad day Addison started crying again and this time we think it was teeth related. Her gums were swollen like blisters it was a sin.

Monday was back to work for me after having almost four weeks off which is crazy. Tyler had to take her for a blood and urine test. We have to test her urine everyday twice but were concerned because it was showing blood. Now she was not symptomatic and was peeing fine but they suggested we go in and have it checked just in case. It came back fine!!! Now to figure out why it is showing that we will see how that one goes...

Apsea came to the house today. It was the main girl who assessed her this time last year. She was so impressed. She saw great improvements which is the one good thing about CVI...improvements do occur.
She sure doesn't see like you or I but she said she definitely glances and follows me when I walk by, looks when I speak. She said that she doesn't have to be in a dark room to watch her I Pad any more and we don't have to do the stupid flash light stuff!!!!! It was very positive for a change! Now we can hope for more progress!

What else is new with Addison
- She still loves to look at her wee see videos and sparkabilities app
- Cuddling outside is her new favourite activity
- She had her first hair cut!!!!!!! No worries there are still lots of curls
- She was fitted for hand splints we will get them next time we go to physio
- She still loves loud she laughed when the recycle truck went by
- She hates to sleep, doesn't nap, doesn't sleep through the night and thinks parties occur overnight!!!! .....we are starting to get very good at functioning on little sleep but man doesn't it bug me when I read Facebook statuses where people are complaining about their newborn not sleeping or that their child wont nap for more then 45 minutes etc............were lucky to get a 30 minute nap all day and she gets up at 6 and doesn't go to bed till 9..........sorry just had to say it!
- She weighs 20 pounds 10 ounces
- She is 30 inches long
- Her formula is a pain to make. It requires this special gram scale and lots of dishes and a blender which all happens at 9pm! Nothing like doing dishes every night before bed. Actually, Tyler is doing good at doing it for me!!!!!

Work.....I love being a teacher. When I am there with the kids I think about how there is nothing else I would rather do for a career....when the kids leave and I look at all the other work that has to be done that keeps me from going home to Addison I hate it. I am developing a happy medium between the two but it is keeping me on my toes. Having missed a lot of time due to Addison being sick has been hard, I am playing catch up. I have heard rumours about parents of my students and staff members making comments about me missing time and being cranky about it. I have chosen to ignore all of that as it is just rumours and I will choose to believe that all of these people realize I am more then a teacher, I am a MOM...and like every other mother I would do anything for my child even if that means putting my career on the back burner....but really did I put it aside.  Little do those ignorant people know I called my substitute to check in all the time, had very very detailed plans, had all my work brought home to me so I could mark it, had her leave me all notes possible for assessments and made sure they were not spending time doing busy work...all in which did take time away from Addison but I thought it was worth it.
But like I said there are just a few too many people around here who don't know how to say anything nice about anyone because they hate their own life so much so I am going to ignore it all!!!!!

Hopefully I wont take so long to write again! No promises though! The new laptop is really helping out!

Happy St Patrick's Day

Road trip ready

Addi's first hair cut

Summer in March

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