Sunday, 11 December 2011

Plays of the week(December 5th- 11th)

Plays of the week

  • Addison has been laughing a lot and not just for us. She responds mostly to noise. A favorite noise is bells. If we jingle the bells we almost always get a smile and sometimes get giggles. 
  • Tuesday Addison and I went to OPA to see the classroom I will be taking over. I am looking forward to it but realize how much work it is to be a full time working Mom and I am kind of dreading that part!
  • Wednesday we had a visit with Amy, Jayne and Alicia and of course Joseph and Ava too! All the babies were really good and we really enjoyed getting caught up. We are happy that Amy will be home again after Christmas so we can have a dinner with everyone!
Telling secrets to her best friend

Photo shoots are not easy anymore!
  • Thursday we went to Wee bears. I will miss it when I go back to work. I hope Nanny will take Addison!
  • Thursday afternoon I went to town Christmas shopping with Grandma while Addison stayed with Nanny Helen and then Daddy. I put a big dent in the list. Thursday evening Addison had a cuddle with Sarah and Joel! We are hoping it gives them baby fever!
  • Friday we had visitors throughout the day! It was nice to catch up with friends!
Being a cutie pie for Auntie Whitney

Hanging out with the girls
  • Saturday we went tree hunting, put up the tree and decorated. Addison watched us and played in her little room for a bit while we decorated. 
Tank went with Jodi!

Daddy and his girl
Love my family
Joel's cuddle time
Ride on a tree
Cookie time!
The basement looking festive
I love it especially with the new stairs!
  • Saturday night Tyler and I went out shopping! Grandpa, Nana and Great Grandma(GG) came down to babysit! It was their first time feeding Addison alone and putting her on the pump! They did awesome and she even spent 25 minutes laughing at Grandpa making funny voices! We are so glad they enjoyed their evening!
  • Sunday was great! We had brunch with Jill and Chris who Addison smiled and smiled for! I spent the afternoon baking with GG and Auntie Debbie! Good thing Tyler was around to taste the food we would never have known....haha. Addison even had a taste of the icing and loved it! To top off a wonderful week we went to Dads for supper with the family!
Cookie decorating and testing table!
At first she wasn't sure of the chocolate
She loved it. Oh how we wish we could feed her and let her experience the tastes 

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