Sunday, 30 October 2011

Addison's First Birthday

What do you expect when you walk into a one year old Birthday Party....lots of children, cake, toys everywhere and children playing with the paper more then the gifts. Well in the Halloran residence Addison's Birthday wasn't far off from that just it wasn't Addison doing the playing, eating or making noise! Addison sat back and enjoyed every minute of her special day by listening to her Nannies, Grampies, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Friends and of course her Mommy and Daddy engaging in my interesting conversation. She couldn't have been happier to have so many special people all together at one time(her parents too) She gave away smiles like crazy and didn't make a peep..nor did any of her friends actually!

They even did hand prints which Addison took part in and did very well! 

Jared her first cousin only 6 weeks younger took over for her in the playing with the tissue paper part and did a good job as there was lots of it because she was one spoiled little girl. Among the gifts was 7 coats, a months wardrobe, books, toys, shoes and hair clips!

And the part that I dreaded the most went over well. We got her a special cake that was red and black with yellow balloons hoping she would see it and we all sang her Happy Birthday and her friend Brianna blew out the candle for her. When it was all done I just put my finger in a little bit of the icing and put it on her mouth and she did a little bit of lip smacking and maybe kind of liked the taste. We all hope that one day Addison will be able to have a piece of cake and enjoy every minute!

Addison and her friends had a photo shoot at the end of the big day!

It sure was a special day for us and we were so pleased to have all of the special people here to share it with us. We look forward to many more Birthday!!!

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